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  • Mon - Thur 7:30AM - 5:30PM | Friday 7:30AM - 5PM | Sat 9AM - 1PM (Car Sales Only)
  • 10939 Harrison St, La Vista, NE 68128
  • (402) 932-0500


Why are buyers more likely to buy a car from Gateway Auto?

There is more security for a potential buyer with a dealer like Gateway Auto. Besides the services, products and financing we offer, customers have more confidence working with a dealer for many reasons: we are fully licensed, buyers don’t have to meet at a strange house or random parking lot.

Why consign instead of selling it yourself?

No one wants to go through the hassle of fielding phone calls and have strangers show up at your house. That’s a full time job (Believe us, we know!) Gateway Auto can offer financing, warranty and a professional sales experience to get your car sold right away. Plus, we have an outstanding reputation and buyers can check out our ratings and reviews, allowing them to buy with confidence.

What experience does Gateway Auto have with consignment?

Gateway Auto has always been very successful with consigning vehicles. We have sold hundreds of consignment vehicles. Because we treat the consignor with the same honesty and respect we give all of our buyers, consignment has been a mutually beneficial way to sell cars for us for years.

What kind of vehicles does Gateway Auto take on consignment?

We take all kinds of vehicles, but we never sell any vehicles that have a Salvage Title or Frame Damage. The vehicle has to be in good overall condition. It must pass the same Safety Inspection that all of our inventory must go through. There are times we can work with you to make repairs to the vehicle if needed. Should reconditioning, repair, or special equipment be recommended or required, such services will be offered and performed only with your itemized “written” approval authorization. No surprises!

How much will it cost to consign with Gateway Auto?

Our program is simple: we charge a flat fee of $200 to cover the expense of detailing, photographing, advertising, and safety inspections. This fee includes advertising the vehicle everywhere our own cars are: CarFax, CarGurus, Auto Trader, TrueCar, FB Marketplace, and many more. We are also a top rated dealer for CarGurus. You set a price (with our input) that you want for the car. We then ONLY charge $300 if the vehicle sells. We sell your car for you and you get that full amount. No percentages. No wondering if the amount the dealer “says” what they sold it for is true. You know what you are going to get if your car sells from day one. We will handle all paperwork including title transfers.

How long will it take to sell my car?

Our program is also designed to sell your car quickly. Unlike other consignment programs, our commitment is only 60 days. That way, you know that we are motivated to sell your car quickly, or we don’t make the sale cost for the hard work we’ve done to present your car to buyers. At the end of 60 days, the consignment period can be extended if agreed by both parties, at no additional charge to you.

Why not just sell my car to Gateway Auto?

Gateway Auto will also buy your car, truck or SUV. But, you can usually get hundreds or even thousands more by consigning your vehicle. The reason? Gateway Auto will not be making the investment in purchasing and repairing your car before we sell it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more!

Please contact us for an honest, professional evaluation of your vehicle. We will be happy to provide accurate and timely information regarding your automotive questions to ensure that you can make a confident and informed decision. You may also enter the information of your vehicle into our online vehicle submission form with the link below. Gateway Auto is a trusted automotive leader serving the community since 2002!