Gateway Auto’s Rebranding

January 28, 2019
Posted by: gatewayauto

Starting in 2002, the Gateway Auto name was born. If you are a part of the Gateway family, then you know that we are an all in one automotive business. When we look back before voice and maps search was the way of finding out what’s around you, Gateway needed to have more than one name. What were those names? Gateway Collision Center, Gateway Service Center, and Gateway Auto Sales. As the digital age has started to play a large role in how we find out about services around us, Gateway ran into the issue of appearing as three different businesses online. A common quote we heard after a new customer stopped by was, “You also (insert service we offer), I had no idea!” Ben and Sandy knew they needed to bring everything under one roof, so customers weren’t confused about them being one or the other.

They had plenty of options in regards to combining all of the names into one, but the name that they have always been known by, was Gateway. They knew with Gateway being known, simplifying the other services of their business under one name would help clear the confusion. That’s when Gateway Auto found its place as the new staple name.

With Gateway Auto selected as our new main name, now came the task of redesigning the brand and making sure to highlight all that we do in a format that would work well not only online, but for the physical location as well. This sparked the three categories attached to our new name, “Gateway Auto – Sales, Mechanical, and Body Repair.”

What all came out of our new branding?

We’re still the same Gateway you’ve always known, we’re just making sure the brand continues to stay current with the changes needed for businesses in this digital age.

  • A new design, logo, signage, and apparel
  • A simplified name and tagline to encompass all that we do
  • Simplified search and maps results for our customers, Gateway is not listed as 3 businesses
  • Unified brand image and the Gateway name

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